Rambling Redwoods Campground and RV Park – Crescent City, California

We’ve slowed down our travels a bit for a few reasons. The first is Covid-19. We wanted to protect ourselves and slow the spread, and avoiding crowded areas was our best option. The second is David’s Mobile RV Service, which has many great clients who refer other great clients, and David has built himself an active business in the Crescent City area. We still identify more as tumbleweeds than redwoods, but if we’re going to put down some tentative roots, among the redwoods is where we’d like to do it. This campground might be the best-kept secret on the Northern California coast. Nestled in the redwoods along Highway 101, you can sleep among the trees and be part of the forest, but without giving up things like cellular service and easy access to groceries. We decided to hunker down for the winter here, and moved to a long-term spot back …

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Rambling Redwoods Campground and RV Park, Crescent City, California

We are spending the winter in the redwoods! We spent most of the summer on the coast in Crescent City, but by October, the coast gets extra windy, making the RV feel like a boat. So we moved a tiny bit inland where the wind is blocked by these magnificent trees. We love this area so much that we decided to stay through the winter. We have never experienced a Pacific Northwest winter, so that’s an adventure in itself. We were warned to expect lots of rain and to prepare for moisture control. Honestly, the rain was an understatement. We did get a dehumidifier to help with the condensation inside and it’s helped a lot. We had a white Christmas: with hail! Big huge hail that looked like snow more than a few times. We’re staying at Rambling Redwoods, which is right on US-101. It’s an appropriately named park, with …

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Magic River Campground, Long Beach, Mississippi

Magic River Campground is right off I-10 in Mississippi, and it’s a great little campground. We found it because of its convenience to I-10 and it was a very affordable Passport America park. We were surprised to discover not only is it a Passport America park, it’s THE Passport America park: it’s owned by the person who started Passport America! You’ll probably pass the PA office/headquarters on your way to the campground (it’s not on the same property). For $13/night with a PA discount, you’re surrounded by trees and wetlands, in a sleepy little spot with very friendly people. Most sites are back-ins. Electric is 15amp and 30amp, and three sites have 50amp service. Not all sites have sewer hookups. There’s a pool, showers, wifi, free firewood, and a little community area that had a fire for warm conversation in the mornings. Follow the park’s directions to get there! If …

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RV Park Review: Mountain Valley RV Park, Tehachapi, California

This was only going to be a two-night stop-over on our way to Northern California, but we ended up blowing a bearing and spending a week here during July 4th. While we were sad and frustrated about the breakdown, this was a really great place to be stranded. Mountain Valley RV Park is located at Mountain Valley Airport in Tehachapi, California. It’s not a real airport, though: it’s for gliders! They’re the cutest and quietest planes to live near, and it was a lot of fun to watch them take off and land during the day. As an added bonus, the grassy part of the air field is filled with prairie dogs! This park does not have full hookups! Note that their “full hookup” sites on their website are not water, sewer, and electric. They have water and electric at these sites, but tanks must be dumped at their dump …

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RV Park Review: Sierra Hermosa RV Park, Questa, New Mexico

Sierra Hermosa RV Park is a small, wonderful park near Carson National Forest in Questa, New Mexico, with an extremely friendly owner. In fact, when calling RV parks in the area, Bobby was so friendly that he was our deciding factor. We were looking for a small, quiet vacation spot where we could relax and recover from a very busy time in Austin, and I was going to be able to take a little time (very little) to breathe before diving back into covid-extended tax season. The park did not have many sites, and the spaces were well spread out. We were backed up against a field filled with the cutest little prairie dogs, which the cats loved to watch all day. The day we pulled in, our neighbors gifted us the most delicious fresh cherries we’ve ever had from their tree at home in Albuquerque. (These cherries were so …

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RV Park Review: Hwy 71 RV Park, Cedar Creek, TX

We stayed at this Austin-area park from December 2019 until June 2020. We planned to leave at the end of April, but decided to wait to travel due to COVID-19. This was our first time visiting Austin, and we loved it. We found a couple great safe places to eat (see our reviews of Zucchini Kill and Always Hungry), the best co-op grocery store ever (the unfortunately named Wheatsville), the Dinosaur Park. Sadly, we never got to check out the Congress Avenue Bridge bats due to the pandemic and avoiding crowds, but there’s always next time. Hwy 71 RV Park is located on the east side of Austin in the town of Cedar Creek. The nearest town with grocery stores and services (including a Buc-ee’s!) is Bastrop. There’s also Bastrop Mobile Home and RV Parts, which just opened this year and David used frequently for working on clients’ RVs in …

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RV Park Review: Eastbank, Lake Seminole, GA

This one is brought to you by the “looks can be deceiving” department. We stayed at the Eastbank campground, maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, in August 2019. We made reservations for three nights, but ended up leaving after one. On the way up, there were some steep grades, and a lot of trees that were still recovering from last year’s Hurricane Michael. When we checked in, we were warned about sugar ants, and encouraged to spread poison around our site, as well as to wrap our electrical cord around the pole, to keep it off the ground and deter ants from finding an easy way into our home. When we found our site, we were stunned by the beauty of it all. The lake was like glass, the grass and trees so green, and the sky looked endless. Parking was a little daunting, as they’re back-in sites, and …

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RV Park Review: Destiny RV Resort, Goodyear, Arizona

Rating: 🐈 🐈 🐈 🐈  4 out of 4 cats

extremely tall palm trees in front of a stucco building with blue skies and wispy clouds.
Destiny RV Resort, Goodyear, Arizona (2018).

About the Park

We spent a year (2018-2019) at Destiny RV Resort in Goodyear, Arizona. This was our first experience spending any significant time at an RV park with all its nice amenities and features.

Overall, this was a great park, and we feel like subsequent parks, even the great ones, have been a bit of a let-down because of our good experiences here. Destiny had just about everything we wanted in a park, so now we’ve got some high standards to live up to when visiting other parks!

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