Rambling Redwoods Campground and RV Park, Crescent City, California

We are spending the winter in the redwoods! We spent most of the summer on the coast in Crescent City, but by October, the coast gets extra windy, making the RV feel like a boat. So we moved a tiny bit inland where the wind is blocked by these magnificent trees.

A trailer parked at a very green campsite with a bright red Buccee’s sunshade tent and a couple chairs.
We loved this little setup. Unfortunately, an overnight rain collapsed our Buc-ee’s tent.

We love this area so much that we decided to stay through the winter. We have never experienced a Pacific Northwest winter, so that’s an adventure in itself. We were warned to expect lots of rain and to prepare for moisture control. Honestly, the rain was an understatement. We did get a dehumidifier to help with the condensation inside and it’s helped a lot.

Tall redwood trees.
The view from our campground.

We had a white Christmas: with hail! Big huge hail that looked like snow more than a few times.

An outdoor mat covered in hail.

We’re staying at Rambling Redwoods, which is right on US-101. It’s an appropriately named park, with windy roads as you ramble along the redwoods. The sites are spacious, and the park doesn’t fill up in the winter.

The back of a travel trailer with a spacious stretch of grass and many redwood trees.
The rear of our campsite.
A travel trailer nestled in the redwoods. The lighting is quite dark.
It gets DARK here! The trees block a lot of light, and makes for many cozy hours in a day.

There are fire rings at each site, so we’ve had plenty of relaxing fires and fire-cooked meals on dry days. We learned how to bake a potato in a campfire (wrap it in foil, stick it in coals, keep it away from the flame, and turn regularly for about 45 minutes).

Redwood trees and a camp fire.

The laundry room is small (3 washers and 3 dryers), and the humidity is so high that it usually takes two dryer cycles to dry a load. There’s a change machine in the laundry room, and a little convenience store that sells snacks, merch, and firewood. There are steps or narrow doorways to get into the store and the laundry room.

There have been so many big puddles that I haven’t taken my Liberty Trike out at all, which has been a bummer. There were also bike thieves in the park so we added an extra lock and some cow bells to our bikes to deter thieves. So far so good.

The park also has a short little trail that Tycho absolutely loves. It turns out Tycho loves being in the trees, and will walk on his leash as much as we’ll let him. He even walks right though puddles without noticing, on his way to sniff more big trees. Our little forest cat.

A fluffy cat in a harness and leash sitting on a large stump and looking at the camera.
The back of a fluffy cat in a harness sitting on the grass in front of redwood trees. The cat is looking off to the left.
A fluffy cat in a harness and leash sniffing some plants on a very overgrown trail.
A fluffy cat on a leash and harness standing on his hind legs inside the hollowed out trunk of a fallen redwood tree. He is sniffing a spot almost out of reach.
That’s Tycho inside the fallen trunk of a redwood tree.

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