Welcome to our home!

We created this site for friends and family to follow our RV journey.

A travel trailer with pop-outs in a site surrounded by tall redwoods. There is grass on the ground and a picnic table next to the trailer.
Our home among the redwoods in Crescent City, California. (June 2022.)

We have always loved traveling and taking road trips together, but after a celiac disease diagnosis in 2012, road-tripping became much more complicated. We packed more food than clothes for any given trip, especially once we realized one crumb could ruin the trip in an instant. We decided to bring the kitchen (and the rest of the house) on the road.

In 2018, after several years of planning, we purchased our beautiful 2019 Keystone Laredo travel trailer we’ve named Ginger, after our road-trip-loving cat who passed away earlier that year. Then we purchased a big ol’ 2016 Dodge Ram 2500, which we’ve named Buddy, after our car-trip loving little dog who passed away the week before we married in 2008.

Since hitting the road in July 2019, David has become a certified RV technician, and now we travel to interesting places where David gets to have fun repairing and upgrading other RVers’ homes, while Jen works remotely from anywhere with a cell signal.

Join us on our journey, as we share our travels, renovations, cooking, and cats!

A truck parked in front of an RV, with two trees on each side, with grassy ground, blue skies, and water in the distance.
Home sweet home is wherever we park it. (Lake Seminole, Georgia. 2019.)