RV Park Review: Sierra Hermosa RV Park, Questa, New Mexico

Sierra Hermosa RV Park is a small, wonderful park near Carson National Forest in Questa, New Mexico, with an extremely friendly owner. In fact, when calling RV parks in the area, Bobby was so friendly that he was our deciding factor. We were looking for a small, quiet vacation spot where we could relax and recover from a very busy time in Austin, and I was going to be able to take a little time (very little) to breathe before diving back into covid-extended tax season.

a fluffy cat in a harness sitting on the ground, looking up between an rv and a pickup truck.

The park did not have many sites, and the spaces were well spread out. We were backed up against a field filled with the cutest little prairie dogs, which the cats loved to watch all day. The day we pulled in, our neighbors gifted us the most delicious fresh cherries we’ve ever had from their tree at home in Albuquerque. (These cherries were so good that all other cherries will forever pale in comparison.)

The park also does not have a bathroom/shower room, so RVs must be self-contained. There’s a cabin that can be rented out, though, so you don’t need an RV to visit.

photo of an RV park, with very few RVs and lots of blue skies.

New Mexico is taking Covid very seriously, requiring masks in public, and everyone keeping a respectful distance from each other, while still being cordial and friendly.

A half hour drive from Taos, Questa is so rural that there was no residential mail delivery in the city. We were able to get a free post office box using our monthly rental agreement from the RV park. Amazon, Fedex, and UPS sometimes delivered to the park, but for the most part, everything was delivered to the post office directly. Questa itself has a small grocery store (with Daiya cheese!), a well-stocked hardware store, a small pharmacy, a dollar store, and a Redbox. (We used Redbox for the first time here!)

photo of the road curving off into the distance, with trees on either side, mountain in the distance, and blue skies with just a few clouds.

Internet is provided by a co-op down the road, and when it was working it was lightning fast. Unfortunately, I kept getting booted while working, and the owner was extremely apologetic. They had the ISP out to work on the equipment a couple times, with the intention of continuing to work until it got fixed. We also purchased an antenna for our cellular modem, and that made a huge difference. But when that internet gets fixed, it’s going to be AMAZING.

We were about a half hour from the Colorado state line, and the drive into Colorado is stunningly gorgeous. We loved this area so much that we actually looked at and seriously considered buying some inexpensive plots of land.

Photo of the sign for the Questa Ranger Station with mountains in the distance, blue skies, and big puffy clouds.

In an unusual turn of events, David had a very hard time adjusting to the 7500′ elevation. I’ve got asthma and I’m usually the one suffering with drastic environmental changes, but I was doing fantastic and feeling great. Unfortunately, after two weeks, we realized his body just wasn’t acclimating, and not only was it was going to be dangerous for him to work as an RV tech, but he was going to be miserable doing it. So we made the decision to leave Questa and head for a lower elevation.

Bobby the owner was extremely understanding (although sad to see us go), and very accommodating. We really do hope we can make it back up there someday because we loved the area so much. This is one of the prettiest areas of the country.

Sierra Hermosa RV Park is extremely affordable at $400/month plus electric, and we definitely think you should check it out if you’re headed to the Taos, New Mexico area someday.

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