Ways to Support Us

Thank you so much for being interested in supporting us! We created this site because we wanted to tell the story of our RV life and because we wanted to create something new together. It will always remain free, and we try to avoid annoyances like cookies, popups, and third-party advertising services. Your support means the world to us, and here are some easy ways to show your support:

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VPN.ac is our favorite VPN, and we’ve been using them since 2011. A VPN is a must if you’re using public WiFi, or just like a little extra privacy online. There’s an app for every operating system (including iOS!), making it really easy to set up. They’ve got great tech support, too.

We recently (2019) switched all our websites to Dream Host for hosting, and have loved the experience so far. If you’re hosting multiple sites, use our get $50 off link for a special discount on the shared unlimited plan.

Animal Welfare

You don’t have to help us personally! Here are two of our favorite non-profits:

Cat Town is an Oakland, CA-based rescue group that takes the most vulnerable cats and kittens out of Oakland’s shelter, works with them to get them happy and healthy, and finds them forever homes. They opened Oakland’s first cat cafe, too! Because of the important work they do, they relieve some of the strain off Oakland’s municipal animal shelter, increasing adoptions, and saving lives, while being a model for cat rescuers around the country. We’d be honored if you donated in Ginger’s name.

Best Friends Animal Society is animal sanctuary that started in Utah, but has opened pet adoption centers, spay/neuter clinics, and other no-kill initiatives across the country. They are a great resource, and a great place to adopt a new best friend. We’d be honored if you donated in Buddy’s name.