RV Park Review: Eastbank, Lake Seminole, GA

This one is brought to you by the “looks can be deceiving” department.

a view from on top of a hill, looking down at an RV parked along a large, calm lake, with lots of grass, a few trees, and very blue skies.

We stayed at the Eastbank campground, maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, in August 2019. We made reservations for three nights, but ended up leaving after one.

On the way up, there were some steep grades, and a lot of trees that were still recovering from last year’s Hurricane Michael.

trees bent and broken by Hurricane Michael

When we checked in, we were warned about sugar ants, and encouraged to spread poison around our site, as well as to wrap our electrical cord around the pole, to keep it off the ground and deter ants from finding an easy way into our home.

When we found our site, we were stunned by the beauty of it all. The lake was like glass, the grass and trees so green, and the sky looked endless.

the view under an RV awning of a blue sky, big tree, a picnic table.

Parking was a little daunting, as they’re back-in sites, and the driveways are very long, but we made it. It was unbearably hot, so we opted to just plug in to get the AC going, and cool off inside for a bit. Tycho enjoyed walking through the grass and chasing the flies, but we were all eaten alive by mosquitoes. And then David unknowingly walked through an anthill, and ended up with quite a few fire ant bites on his feet and ankles. We had trouble cooling the RV down because the sun was so strong.

In short, we were miserable.

By the evening, when we could see swarms of mosquitoes and other biting bugs outside (and when David had to walk through them to get something from the truck), we decided we had no interest in staying here for three nights, even if it meant losing the money we’d prepaid for our stay. Since Jen has an Access Pass, we were only losing $12/night.

When we woke up in the morning, we had breakfast, gassed up the truck, hitched up, and drove away.

We let the camp hosts know that we were checking out early and turned in our parking pass. Within an hour, we had an email from Recreation.gov notifying us that we’d been refunded for our unused time at the park, which was unexpected and appreciated.

This is still one of the prettiest places we’ve ever stayed, but it’s also where we discovered that looks can be deceiving!

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