RV Park Review: Eastbank, Lake Seminole, GA

This one is brought to you by the “looks can be deceiving” department. We stayed at the Eastbank campground, maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, in August 2019. We made reservations for three nights, but ended up leaving after one. On the way up, there were some steep grades, and a lot of trees that were still recovering from last year’s Hurricane Michael. When we checked in, we were warned about sugar ants, and encouraged to spread poison around our site, as well as to wrap our electrical cord around the pole, to keep it off the ground and deter ants from finding an easy way into our home. When we found our site, we were stunned by the beauty of it all. The lake was like glass, the grass and trees so green, and the sky looked endless. Parking was a little daunting, as they’re back-in sites, and …

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Thanksgiving History

This Thanksgiving we are thankful we are not sleeping on the side of I-95 in near-freezing temperatures (and that’s a blog post for another day). And in honor of Thanksgiving, we’d like to take some time to talk a little about the real history of Thanksgiving that many of us never learned in school. Content warning: this post contains descriptions of violence and racism. It is presented in a way that we hope will be educational, but understand not everyone is in a place where they can safely read this material. We also mean no offense and any errors, omissions, or misspoken words are due to our own ignorance and welcome corrections by Native, indigenous, and non-white readers. Thank you. We recognize and respect that Thanksgiving has become a holiday where we celebrate the abundance and gratitude for the things we have in our lives. We’re certainly grateful and thankful …

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RV Park Review: Al Sihah Shriners’ RV Park, Macon, GA

Our first hurricane warning as RVers!

a large grassy field with a row of trees on the left and an couple RVs spread out under the trees. A gravel road winds off into the distance.

We entered Florida shortly before the warnings for Hurricane Dorian, and decided to turn north to wait it out until we knew what Dorian would be doing. (Our hearts break for the Bahamas, who will be recovering from this for a long time.)

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