Zucchini Kill Bakery: Gluten-Free Vegan Treats in Austin, Texas!

We haven’t been talking too much about our travels… it’s about time we started doing that, right? Well, we’re near Austin, Texas until the end of April, and I think we’ve found our favorite bakery of all time: Zucchini Kill, a vegan womyn-owned bakery in Possum Park, a vegan paradise in Austin. There are several vegan food trucks in Possum Park, but only Zucchini Kill is a dedicated gluten-free business.

A banner for Zucchini Kill bakery, with Gluten free and vegan symbols. a container garden beneath the banner has green plants and doll parts.
We visited TWICE before we realized the container garden includes old drums, and there are doll parts in with the plants.
two golden cupcakes with white frosting and two tiny donut-shaped churros on top.
These little Churro Bite Cupcakes were so great. The tiny churro on top made it perfect. And extra delicious.

They’re also soy-free, mostly corn-free (except occasional corn starch and xanthan gum, which is technically a corn product), and none of the most common allergens. They do use GF oats in a very small number of their treats, and the workers have all be fantastic about letting me read the ingredients before we buy anything. In addition to adorable and delicious donuts, cupcakes, Rebel Swrrrls, and Cream Coffins, they sell CBD-infused sodas and sweets, incense, Zucchini Kill swag (I’m totally getting a t-shirt before we leave the area), and assorted nifty things.

Two pale skinned hands holding two cupcakes
These two cupcakes were so darn cute. I had a pretzel on mine, and David had a peanut butter cupcake with chocolate frosting.
a pale skinned hand holding a vanilla cream filled vanilla cake piece.
We love sharing these little Cream Coffins!
Two twinkie-shaped cakes, in a plastic bag with a Cream Coffins label.
I love these Cream Coffins! Yeah, they might remind you of Twinkies, but they are infinitely better because these are vegan, gluten-free, and made with love.

We’ve been buying a bag of treats and enjoying them over the next few days at home, and it’s been so much fun. I’m overwhelmed by the good fortune of having access to such safe and delicious treats! I’m SUPER sensitive to cross contamination, and Zucchini Kill has never made me sick. It’s so exciting to have such delicious treats so close!

Unfortunately, Possum Park rates very poorly on my accessibility scale for mobility needs. Since we’ve been lucky with close parking, I’ve been able to walk to the shop without my wheelchair, but it also means I don’t get to wander around all of Possum Park because I have to be careful about overdoing it. Parking is only on the street, with no dedicated handicap spaces, no sidewalk, and curbs of dirt and grass. Possum Park itself gets pretty muddy after a rain, and there are steps to get into or up to most of the shops, which are mostly trailers. The seating areas are tough to traverse, with the only covered seating underneath Tough Shed-type structures, meaning there’s a metal step to get to it. There are uncovered picnic tables with no obstacles, as well, except for the dirt and grass. Zucchini Kill has a ramp to get into the building, but it’s steep and is covered with two thick mats. Once you’re in the store, there’s one step to get up to the bakery counter. Everyone we’ve talked to has been extremely friendly, and I’m sure they’d love to help anyone who wants to patronize their business, but it’s still a bummer if you make the trip but don’t get the same access as someone who can walk or do steps. As far as other accessibility needs go, Zucchini Kill is pretty dark inside and usually pretty quiet, but it does smell pretty strongly of incense.

The view from a covered seating area, with metal poles in the way. Zucchini Kill can be seen in the background, and a picnic table has a big red umbrella sheltering it.
Love the covered seating, but I would have had a tough time traversing this area in my wheelchair.

They do sell their treats at shops and pop-ups around the city, like Buzz Mill Coffee (a community-oriented coffee shop with two Austin locations and open 24/7), but we haven’t been there and can’t vouch for any special accessibility. We stay up to date about their daily specials and locations via Zucchini Kill’s Instagram.

Two chocolate cake swirls filled with vanilla frosting in a plastic clamshell container.
We cannot get enough of these Rebel Swrrrls! They remind us of Little Debbie Swiss rolls, but WAY more delicious!
A small messy little garden with container plans, cinder blocks, and doll parts.
This little garden cracks us up. After 4 years in the desert, anything green makes us happy!

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