Making use of unused space in an RV

Like a lot of travel trailers, we have a pass through storage area under the nose of our trailer. I recently had to do some repair work to our water pump that is located in this storage area behind a carpeted false wall. This is also where our leveling system controls are mounted.

view of the nose pass through storage area. in view are a bucket, some tools, and various pool noodles. There is a carpeted false wall on the right hand side with our automatic leveling system control attached.

There was quite a bit of unused space in this utility area enclosed by the false walls. After completing my water pump repairs I removed the two false walls and cut the shorter wall down to allow the front wall to move back.

View of the passthrough storage area with the false wall moved back several inches. An arrow shows the previous location for the wall

The new space will allow us a couple more square feet of storage. The control panel for the leveling system is still usable in this area but I will be relocating it in a future post to make it more user friendly.

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