Always Hungry: Gluten-Free Food Truck in Austin, Texas!

One of our favorite charming qualities of Austin is that there’s a food truck on nearly every street corner, and there are so many interesting restaurants in the region. We’ve been here since December, and to date we haven’t found a lot of dedicated gluten-free spaces, making Always Hungry a delicious date-night treat.

two pale-skinned people wearing glasses, smiling at the camera, with a food truck in the background.
We can’t remember the last time we ate tacos from a truck. You might laugh, but this is an exciting piece of normalcy that we don’t get very often, as gluten-free vegans. It was dark out with great weather and clear skies. We had to commemorate with a grainy selfie!

Always Hungry is a little taco truck (technically a trailer) in the parking lot of the Spider House Cafe and Ballroom, run by two best friends with a knack for delicious corn-free Mexican-inspired food. The menu is short, and everything starts out vegan, with the option to add meat for the omnivores.

a food truck/trailer with two plants out front, a pallet in front of the window as a step, and a cardboard cutout of Bob Ross in the background.
Honestly, the Bob Ross cutout alone made this place worth the trip. We are huge Bob Ross fans.

We shared two little tacos to start: one with mushrooms, and one with jackfruit. Both are delicious and come with greens, guac, lemon cashew aioli, hemp hearts, pickled onions (which I generously gave to David), and cilantro (no thanks), on homemade almond flour tortillas. They were delicious little snacks, and since I felt so good after eating them, we each got a couple more and called it dinner.

A plate with two tiny tacos, with wedges of lime and slices of jalapeno.
They look the same, but one is filled with seasoned jackfruit, and one with roasted mushrooms. Both were amazing!

When we visited a second time, we had been driving around in the area so we tried their online ordering system, and it was awesome. Order food directly off their site, get a confirmation and estimated time for pickup right away, and pay when you arrive. This time, we tried the bowls (basically taco fillings on a bed of greens instead of a tortilla), but loved the tortillas so much that we each asked for one tortilla on the side. We also tried the black bean tamales (also made with almond flour). Everything was so delicious! And safe to eat!

Two clamshell takeout containers filled with delicious food, and tortillas on the side.
The bowls were like bigger versions of the taco fillings, and just as fresh and delicious. And this time we tried tamales!

I felt amazing after eating here both times. Being a super sensitive celiac, this in itself is a miracle. But to be safe eating here AND to be safely eating delicious food? What a dream come true! And what a fun date night.

Always Hungry isn’t the only food truck in the parking lot. There are a few others, including one dedicated vegan milkshake shop in a converted truck bed camper called Milky Way Shakes. They were honest with us that it’s not a dedicated gluten-free space and only have one milkshake wand, so we decided not to risk the gluten contamination. If you go and don’t have celiac, I hope you’ll get a milkshake to go with your tacos, because that little place definitely deserves your business.

Accessibility review: Like most places we’ve visited in Austin so far, the people are super friendly and helpful, but it doesn’t rank very high for accessibility. The parking lot is small, rough, and fills up quickly, with only one handicap spot (which doesn’t have a loading zone). There is street parking, but the path up to Spider House and the food trucks is extremely steep. As you can see in the pictures, Always Hungry’s service window is pretty high, and even with the pallet step, I (at 5’2″) could barely reach the window. The owners are so friendly that I’m sure they would’ve come out to help if I’d brought my wheelchair, but luckily we found close parking and I could hoof it. The path to Spider House and Milky Way Shakes is uneven, as well. The area is pretty quiet until it gets busy, without a lot of external lighting once the sun sets.

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