Tour Through Tree, Klamath, California

This tree is centuries-old and a cheap ($5) tourist attraction worth seeing in the Klamath area. Small cars can drive right through the tree, but there’s no way our truck would’ve made it. So we just enjoyed hanging out in the shade of a tree that’s already outlived us 10 times over.

Truthfully, it made us a little sad to see such an ancient living tree butchered like this. The tree still produces sap, constantly attempting to heal the damage. It continues to grow, with one branch in particular that resembled an entire new redwood.

These trees are just incredible.

When you visit the tour-through tree, do NOT bring your RV! The hill to get to the tree is steep, narrow, and there’s not much room to turn around when you get there. However, we had no problem taking our Ram 2500 up to the parking area next to the tree. Van dwellers should have no problem parking next to the tree, either.

An enormous redwood with a small car sized hole in it.
I bet 20 people could comfortably stand inside this tree.
A white pickup truck with a cap and ladder rack parked in front of a whole bunch of redwoods.
the cross-section of a redwood tree, with a sign saying "a story told in redwood rings." this tree was 603 years old when it fell, has a max diameter of 10'3" and a mean diameter of 9'5".
This tree is thicker than we are tall… incredible!

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