Rainy Weekend and Snacky Sunday

It was a rainy weekend in Crescent City, so I did a few things inside the RV while David took a few urgent repair calls.

There was another Siete cooking class… I missed out because I was a little too exhausted this week. But look at these adorable gifts! I did make one part of the dish made in class: chorizo refried beans. Two cans of pinto beans blended with a packet of Siete chorizo seasoning. So good with chips!

a blue placemat with a folded blue apron that says "juntos es mejor," an adorable copper whisk, a "savor for later" clothes pin chip clip, two bags of Siete sea salt tortilla chips, a packet of chorizo seasoning, and a blurry postcard addressed to the author.
That little copper whisk is so darn cute! And this Chorizo Seasoning is what we’ve been adding to Beyond Meat ground beef for tacos. Full disclosure: we have tacos every day for breakfast, and have been doing so for months. We haven’t gotten sick of them yet!

There were naps.

a cat with a mustache wrapped in a fluffy blanket.
Kepler loves to burrow under blankets when it’s chilly or when he’s anxious.

I reorganized the cooking gadgets cupboard. We’ve grown a lot since the first time we did this: we love our 3-quart Instant Pot so much that we decided to get a 6-Quart with an air fryer lid. The air fryer broke recently, and we replaced it with an Instant Pot brand air fryer lid.

Our two saucepans are in the top shelf behind the blender cups and two glass bottles we use to make fancy iced tea drinks. We often brew hibiscus tea, sweetened with a little maple syrup, and chill it in those two bottles. The bottles are wholly impractical, but we got them from Love Life Juice Co, and they’re too nice to discard. So we’ll reuse them until they break or we really need the space.

An under-counter cabinet with collapsible bowls hanging on each cupboard door, with two instant pots and a blender on the bottom shelf, and an instant pot air fryer, two pots, blender cups and two glass bottles on the top shelf. a third larger collapsible bowl hangs inside the cabinet, and a jar opener hangs on the lower half of one door. a small bowl of cat food sits on the floor under the cabinet doors.
It still feels like this space isn’t really maximized for usability yet, but we’re getting there! This is one of the most-used cabinets in the whole RV, since we cook everything from scratch.

We tested out the new air fryer by wrapping Siete cassava flour tortillas around dill pickles with a little bit of vegan cheese. Definitely a fun Snacky Sunday.

pickles rolled in tortillas like an egg roll or mini burrito. with two dip cups.
Listen, when you can’t just go to the store and buy whatever bizarre snack food is trendy at any given time, you just invent your own bizarre snack foods. And it’s awesome.

Overall, a nice rainy weekend.

PS: Sunday the 13th was our 13th wedding anniversary!

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