Easiest moving day ever!

We moved a couple miles down the road. We love Shoreline RV Park (they’ve renamed to Lighthouse Cove but all the signs still say Shoreline) but they now have a 30-days-in-1-day-out policy. Instead of moving two days in a row, we booked a week at a cute park nearby.

a white pickup truck pulling a large travel trailer in a driveway

We made it easy on ourselves by overlapping our reservations so we didn’t have to leave by checkout time, and could roll out whenever we wanted in the afternoon. So worth it!

Since we were moving so close and the new spot is right on the bike trail, we didn’t even do our usual “truck Tetris” putting everything in the truck. We loaded all the plants in the wagon, strapped it to my bike, and I biked to the new spot while David drove the RV and cats. I got the better end of that deal. 🙂

a white pickup truck hitched to a keystone laredo travel trailer, next to a trike hitched to a red canvas wagon. the trike looks extremely tiny next to the truck.

It was only 2 miles but we definitely prefer riding together on travel days. Next time we have a short move we may just play truck Tetris to travel together.

a light-skinned fat person wearing a large sunhat under a bike helmet and sunglasses

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