Adventures in Air Frying!

Update, June 2021: our air fryer stopped working! We used it very regularly (at least once a week, usually 2-3 times a week) for 8 months. Then one day we were making fries (or chips, if you’re one of our English friends). In the middle of the cycle, it started smelling of ozone and just cut off, never to turn on again. We loved having an air fryer so we’re going to try again with a different model. But we can no longer recommend this MooSoo model referenced in this post. Stay tuned for a future update.

We never use our RV oven because it’s terrible, as RV ovens tend to be. Since we cook everything in our Instant Pot or on the stove, we haven’t missed the oven too much, but we do miss being able to cook extra crispy foods (without lots of oil or heating up the whole RV in the middle of summer).

We hadn’t thought much about air fryers since we were trying to minimize our kitchen gadgets, but when our friends Traci and Terry shared pics of their fun air-fried foods, we realized we needed one. (Traci and Terry don’t have a website to link to, but you’ve got to see the Instagram of their adorable kitties and pups at Alan & Clara Travel America.)

Since we didn’t have the space for a whole new appliance, so we opted for an attachment designed to replace the 8qt Instant Pot lid from Moosoo. It’s packaged as a roaster, and it essentially turns your instant pot bowl into a convection oven.

Breaded mushrooms with a dollop of ranch dip
Fried mushrooms! With mostly homemade vegan ranch.

For the last two days, we’ve been air frying everything in the house! The first thing we attempted was fried pickles! We were so excited that we didn’t get any pics.

Rough looking cubes of tofu with browned edges and cups of dip
Homemade hemp tofu nuggets with vegan maple mustard and BBQ sauce.

We were extra excited to discover we could make our favorite Hassleback potatoes!

Two raw potatoes with very thin vertically cut slices on a piece of foil in a pot
The beginnings of Hassleback potatoes…
A browned potato with slices fanned out and a salad
Finished Hassleback potato! These were so good, we made two more.

Even if there weren’t a pandemic going on, there aren’t any safe places to eat out in this area, so being able to make things we wouldn’t normally make has been delicious fun.

An 8qt instant pot with a large conical lid
We love this thing. (Instant Pot plus Moosoo Air Fryer lid.)

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