RV Lock Keypad Replacement

We installed an RV Lock keyless entry about a year ago, and we love it. We can hit the pool without worrying about where to keep our keys, we never get locked out, and it looks real slick on the rig.

Unfortunately, the cover started to crack several months ago. We worried moisture would get into the lock and damage, it looked bad, and it could be considered a security risk because the most commonly used keys are the ones more likely to show wear first.

We posted about it on our Instagram account, and am excited to report that RV Lock reached out to us to offer to send us a replacement face plate for the unit. They’d upgraded the materials used for the keypad and said the replacement should last much longer.

The new plate looks thicker and sturdier than the cracked plate. We were also pleased to see that the keypad is just a cover for a silicone-like coating, so the lock and keypad are still protected from the elements, even though the case was falling apart.

The new plate was easy to put on, too. Just clean and stick. It looks so nice! Thank you so much, RV Lock!

the cracked cover of our RV Lock

the cracked cover removed

replacement cover stuck to a sheet of transparent colorless plastic

the replaced cover, shiny and new.

2 thoughts on “RV Lock Keypad Replacement”

  1. Thank you for posting this! I found it really helpful. I’ve been wondering about what we should replace the locks on the planned RV with. I’ve seen several mentions that you should replace the locks on your RV on various sites and YouTube channels. This looks like a great solution.

    • Thanks for your comment! We are definitely pleased with the RV Lock, and the company. To be fair, we haven’t tried any others, but this one has really been great so we haven’t wanted to try anything else. And now that they’ve improved the faceplate material, I think it’ll be an even better investment. There’s a key in case the batteries fizzle out when you’re outside the rig, but we have yet to have that happen. (We’ve replaced the batteries once in the time we’ve had it.)

      The other thing we did was swap out the locks on the various storage/TV/etc in the outside areas. (We keep meaning to write about that too.) The keys are so common, that when we had our rig delivered and they needed to get to the leveling jacks, the delivery guy just whipped out the keys to his *own* RV, and used his own key to open our storage area!! We had no idea the keys were THAT common. Oof.


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