Heading in my new direction

a group of adults wearing matching blue shirts under an RV Service Academy sign. An arrow points to one light skinned man with his hands on his hips and smiling, with the words Thats me!

I am officially an RVSA Certified RV Technician!

We’ve been full-time RVers since September 2018, but only on the road since July 2019. Jen and I have been planning and working to fulfill our dream of full-time RV travel. Making this transition meant letting go of the career that had sustained me up to this point. I spent much of the last 20+ years working as a operations and equipment maintenance supervisor in the manufacturing industry. I was very good at my job but I was fed up and burned out. The politics, dehumanizing management, and frustrating environments meant each day was a soul-sucking blender. We budgeted, scrimped, and saved in order to help make the transition possible.

I have always been a hands-on person and enjoy fixing and making things. My favorite job was the three years I spent working as a residential electrician before going back to school to finish my Bachelors degree. I have always enjoyed woodworking, cabinet making, tinkering, repairing, and upgrading. I saw an opportunity to combine things I liked to do with my chosen lifestyle by becoming an RV technician. As a tech I could offer services wherever we chose to live.

I chose to complete the highly-regarded RV technician training and certification program at the Recreational Vehicle Service Academy in Florida. They have been training and certifying RV techs since the 1980’s. I graduated from the program in November 2019.

Wherever we park, I hang out my shingle and get to work. I keep my website up to date with our travel plans at DavidNanney.com. As of this post, I am in the Austin, Texas area until May 1, 2020.

If you run into trouble with your RV and I am in your area, give me a call 1-855-I fix RV’s (434-9787).

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