Siete Foods cooking class: baking with Buñuelos!

We are huge Siete fans around here. I’ve got a corn allergy and David needs to watch his blood sugar, so our taco nights (and there are a lot of them) always feature Siete Almond Flour Tortillas. We buy Dip Chips and Fuego chips in bulk off their website. Thankfully more stores are carrying them now, so we don’t have to order online as often!

For the second winter in a row, they’ve been selling Cinnamon Buñuelos, which are my favorite thing ever. Buñuelos are a treat in many cultures, but generally they are some kind of fritter. These are small and crispy, grain-free with cinnamon and coconut sugar.

For the second time, Siete hosted a cooking class to benefit an organization doing food work. This time it was No Kid Hungry. For a $10 donation, we got 2 bags of Cinnamon Buñuelos, a chocolate bar, and the recipes. I was excited to get THREE bags of buñuelos, and a really nice apron, in addition to Evolved chocolate.

The recipes were for Mexican hot chocolate and a salted caramel apple buñuelo bake, and there was a Zoom class to bake together on December 19th.

I can’t find the recipes on Siete’s website, so I’ve scanned the recipes to PDF.

First we made hot chocolate by simmering nondairy milk (I made hemp milk for this!), adding cinnamon and maple syrup, then adding chocolate pieces to the hot milk. It was delicious and something to sip while cooking. The recipe suggested adding bourbon, as well.

Two mugs of cocoa on a cluttered kitchen counter with a small tablet propped up on a jar against the window
So delicious! That’s a Reading Rainbow mug on the left and a Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, which we bought on our first RV trip years ago. We rented an RV and became hooked!

Next we made the buñuelo bake. Because I’m allergic to apples, I used ripe pears. I used hemp seeds instead of pumpkin only because I didn’t have any pumpkin seeds. And because we somehow have 5 pounds of pecans from about 5 different places, I swapped them for walnuts. Instead of baking in the skillet (because we still haven’t gotten a pizza stone for our RV oven), I used a small casserole dish in the air fryer. Instead of making a ganache topping, I sprinkled chocolate chips on top while it was still warm.

This kitchen doesn’t believe in rules.

A small glass dish filled with a dessert covered in chocolate chips  a postcard for the Baking with Buñuelos event is on the counter
This is delicious!

Fun fact: an air fryer is just a convection oven. You can bake anything in it! We bought an air fryer lid for our 6-quart instant pot recently and now it gets more use than any other gadget in the RV!

I texted with a friend who was also doing this class, and it was a lot of fun. I’d love to do this again sometime.

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