Siete Foods Appreciation Post

Note: This is not an affiliate post or a sponsored post. We just love Siete this much. It’s so hard to have food allergies and celiac disease in this world, so we love sharing our rare good food experiences.

Confession: we have tacos pretty much every day for breakfast. Not breakfast tacos, but dinner tacos (vegan meat, vegan cheese, lettuce) for breakfast. It started out as a quick and easy safe filling breakfast awhile back, and it’s become the best breakfast idea ever.

So we buy our Siete tortillas in bulk direct from their website, and have them shipped wherever we’re staying. We also buy their chorizo seasoning to add to Beyond Beef (vegan ground meat substitute) for taco filling. Siete does have actual taco seasoning and it’s definitely delicious but it also contains tomatoes, so we stick to the chorizo, which is tomato-free. And probably THE best pre-mixed seasoning blend we’ve ever had.

Incidentally, they’ve now got the best potato chips, too. (Try the salt and vinegar.)

Not to brag, but we may actually be Siete’s biggest fans.

We were so excited about this box of holiday cheer that arrived:

An adorable, festive box arrived in the mail!
It’s a beautiful handmade papier-mâché ornament, Mexican Wedding Cookies, and a custom Miir camping mug! Not pictured (in my excitement) was also a bar of spiced chocolate for making Mexican hot chocolate.
And two bags of Cinnamon Buñuelos!

The chocolate is from CocoAndré and it’s so good! We melted it into canned coconut milk diluted with water with cinnamon. It was absolutely delicious.

Our holiday tradition is enjoying Cinnamon Buñuelos with hot cocoa on chilly nights, in front of our electric fireplace or an actual campfire. (This started with Siete’s Cinnamon Buñuelos when they came out in 2019!)

The holiday season can be a little sad when your food options are so limited. This was a delicious and generous surprise that made us so happy.

Muchas gracias, Siete. ¡Juntos es mejor!

We’re saving the second bag of buñuelos for New Year’s Eve! 🎉

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