RV Life for Cats

Two small cat condos pushed up against a kitchen island. one has a cat sleeping on top and the other has a cat standing and looking down into the sink.
We brought these low-profile condos David made for our sticks-and-bricks home with us, because they fit perfectly behind the kitchen island. We have put them in several places in the RV, including under the window next to the table (where we ate too much cat hair with our meals) and on either end of the kitchen island (works well, but takes up too much floor space). Our cats love them.

This post was originally published on The Whisker Shop’s blog with the title Helping Cats Live Large in Small Homes, and we’ve used this philosophy for “cattifying” our RV home, too.

If you lack the square footage for elaborate cat furniture, there are plenty of ways to help your cat branch out (and up), and make you feel like he’s got more room than you.

Tip #1: Think vertically! This is really the best way to maximize a cat’s space. Adding shelves, or rearranging stuff on existing shelves to make room for cats, is like a cat magnet for most cats. Keep in mind the size and age of your cats: smaller or older cats may need additional shelves or a chair moved so they can get on and off the shelf safely. Make sure the shelves can hold your cats’ weight and the force of their jump, to avoid unnecessary injuries or repairs.

Tip #2: Think multi-purpose! Dedicated cat furniture is beautiful and helps your cat feel like she really owns her space. But sometimes you just don’t have the floor space for it. Adding something like a Clamp-on Desk Shelf to an existing desk or table will let you keep working while your cat supervises from above. If you already have a desk with a shelf, consider clearing off some space and adding an inbox for your cat. Sometimes an empty box lid is all that’s needed to entice a cat to use a new space, or you can try something much cozier, like a MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed.

Tip #3: Maximize space! If you’ve got extra leg room under your desk, or under a table where you spend a lot of time working, your cat may want to join you (and get in your way). Try tucking a cozy place to call their own near your feet (but not so near where you might kick them!), like the Zen Den Cat Hideout. We like the Zen Den because the top comes off for easy access in case of emergencies, and it folds flat for travel or storage. It’s also great for cats who prefer to be closer to the ground. Or keep it simple and cheap: keep a couple fleece blankets on hand, fold one for underneath a favorite chair or table, and rotate them out on laundry day.

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