The Last Camp of Hi Jolly (Hadji Ali), Quartzite, AZ

A stone pyramid monument with blue skies and a cemetery in the background

We visited the Hi Jolly monument in Quartzite. Arizona. The photos tell the story of Hadji Ali (note the whitewashing of his given name), a Syrian Muslim camel expert who helped the US Army with a short-lived attempt to use camels in this part of the country as beasts of burden military purposes. Hadji became a bit of a legend around Quartzite, and when he died, they built the monument to honor him, and the town’s cemetery is named after him.

The Hi Jolly monument,  a stone pyramid with a metal camel on top and a plaque
The view of the Hi Jolly monument from a distance
Sign about the last camp of Hi Jolly. It’s described in the blog post
An extremely faded hard to read sign

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