The Dinosaur Park, Bastrop, Texas

While this is geared towards kids, we are complete and total suckers for anything dinosaur, and it was right next door to us at Hwy 71 RV Park (we could see a couple dinos from inside the RV park!), so we absolutely had to check this place out.

The Dino Park is only open from Thursday to Sunday during the day, and it was $9 per adult to get in. You enter through the gift shop, which was full of dino-themed goodness, and an animatronic dino show which you could watch by dropping a few quarters into the machine. Once you pay for your tickets, you can go out the back door and wander through the park.

It’s an easy to follow path that’s stroller-friendly, although I did have a little trouble from time to time with my wheelchair, despite my Freewheel attachment. Overall I’d call this an easy walk, and there are benches along the way to sit and rest. There are lots of trees, so there is some shade. We went on an overcast day, and it was really pleasant.

There’s also a playground for kids, and some dino-themed photo ops on the path.

We definitely recommend this if you’re in the area!

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