RV Surge Protectors, and a Positive Experience When One Failed!

A surge protector for your RV is a must, because you never know what you’re going to get when traveling from one RV park to the next. One bad surge could fry everything in your RV, or just one very expensive thing (like an air conditioner), which is more than enough inconvenience, should you be so unlucky!

We picked up the Progressive Industries SSP-50XL surge protector with the weather cover (they make 30-amp versions too), because it was reasonably priced and came highly recommended by other long-time RVers. We’ve been really happy with it– we plug it into the pole when we park, make sure the power’s good, and then plug the rig in. It’s easy and painless, and once we’re hooked up, we’ve got the peace of mind that we’re protected.

When we plugged into a new site a few weeks ago, the protector indicated that we had good power, but no surge protection. To our knowledge, we’ve never had any surge events, and the plug was still in good condition. There are two sets of LEDs for redundancy, and since both were out, we had to assume we’d lost our surge protection entirely, for whatever reason.

A surge protector with only the blue "good power" lights lit, when the green "surge protector" lights should also be lit.

We are so grateful and lucky that none of our electronics were damaged by whatever caused the protector to fail, or during the time between when the protector failed and when we were able to replace it!

We ordered a new one from Amazon right away, and when it arrived, the package said there’s a lifetime warranty on these devices. We had no idea! Sure enough, Progressive Industries outlines their lifetime warranty right on their website.

Progressive Industries made it super easy– just give them some information and attach a couple pictures, all of which I could do from my phone. The very next day, I had a reply saying they were shipping us a brand new replacement and to go ahead and cut the cord off the defective unit and throw it away.

Within a week, we had a brand new unit in our hands. Since we’d already ordered a replacement through Amazon, we’re going to keep this one as a backup so we don’t have any unprotected days in case this ever happens again.

It’s so nice when a company exceeds expectations!!

(Disclaimer: we were not compensated by Progressive Industries for this post. We just really enjoy sharing positive experiences with companies because there are so many negative experiences in the RV industry.)

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