Medicine Cabinet Remodel

The medicine cabinet in our RV was generously sized (in our opinion), but it only had one shelf. There was a lot of wasted space.

a view of an open bathroom medicine cabinet

While we could have stored about 16 super-tall cans of 80’s Aqua Net, we’ve both outgrown that phase and our toiletries are a bit smaller these days.

The cabinet itself is made of a light ¼ inch plywood, so it is not a good base with which to attach a shelf. However, I did this, I wanted to avoid visible screws. I chose some light hardwood lumber that could be stained to closely match the rest of the cabinet. Rather than installing standard shelf supports (which would likely require visible screws), I made two legs and used double faced tape to attach them to the inside of the lower shelf in order to support my new shelf.

a view of a shelf support inside a bathroom cabinet

I cut and stained the new shelf to match as well.

a view of a bathroom cabinet

The one additional shelf added a lot of room in the cabinet. If we find ourselves running out of space again, I could add an additional shelf to the lower area in the same manner. (Or, more likely, we do a little spring cleaning.)

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