Kitty enrichment: snuffle mats!

We learned about these snuffle mats from our newest friends and fellow animal-loving RVers, Traci and Terry. We are always looking for kitty enrichment toys to avoid boredom and to keep the younger boys from harassing the older ladies. These are primarily designed for dogs, but who says cats can’t snuffle, too?

two cats are foraging in a snuffle mat for treats hidden between strips of felt.
The boys caught on quick that this magic thing has treats hidden inside.

Everyone loves it! Even Miss Kitty got into it, and she expects her food to be served by full service wait staff on fancy China. We used to use foraging toys (old pill bottles with a hole cut out) in our sticks-and-bricks homes, but they’re a trip and fall hazard in a tiny space, so they didn’t come with us into the RV. As a bonus, snuffle mats are easy to wash (just throw it in the laundry).

a cat sitting in the background watching another cat foraging in a cloth snuffle mat.
Even Missing Kitty joined in on the snacky fun.

We chose got this snuffle mat for dogs, which has an adjustable string to make the mat more compact for advanced snufflers. It’s only $15, and there are tons of styles with a wide range of prices!

We could watch them for days. Check out this:

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