A generic update!

It’s been awhile, friends. Work has been keeping us both busy, and there just hasn’t been a lot of energy leftover for blogging. Which is great in some ways— David loves his job as an RV tech! And tiring in others— I’m a tax preparer, and I haven’t had much of a break thanks to covid. Living with chronic illness and disability means I’ve got time to work or time to take care of myself, but not both.

(Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks full-time RV life means full-time vacation!)

Sun setting behind the clouds at the shore. There is a grassy berm with a picnic table on top, and the crescent city lighthouse can be barely be seen in the distance.
The view from Lighthouse Cove RV Park in Crescent City, California makes for some lovely sunsets.

We are still in Crescent City, California. We absolutely love this area, and hope to explore more of the Pacific Northwest when we are able. We’ve decided to spend the winter here in Crescent City, and experience a PNW winter firsthand.

One of the reasons we’re sticking close to our current favorite city is Covid-19. It had started to feel irresponsible to be galavanting all over the continent when a pandemic is ravaging communities (especially deadly to low income communities and people of color). Bringing our outsider germs into communities that aren’t able to handle it just so we can be tourists is peak Christopher Columbus vibes.

A jagged coastline with large rocks sticking out of the ocean and a tall cliff above the shore.
For David’s birthday, we brought a picnic to this scenic overlook in Klamath, California. This is Yurok land.

David has also established himself with many of the local campgrounds, and work is steady. The climate here is much more pleasant for working outside (except when it rains!) compared to warmer, sunnier places.

The temperatures in Crescent City average 55°-65°F year ‘round, which is perfect for us. We love hoodie weather and working outside without overheating. We also love being so close to the ocean AND the redwoods. We’ve got the best of both worlds here.

An ocean with waves and blue sky behind very large rocks.
Crescent Beach has amazing waves. Tons of squirrels live in those rocks.

It’ll hopefully also be easier to explore more of Oregon and even Washington when we can take a break from work. Washington is one of the few places we’ve never been but want to see. And so far we haven’t been any further north than Gold Beach, Oregon.

Slower travel suits us. Powering through several long travel days in a short time is exhausting for us and the cats, and we don’t get to really experience living in an area. We don’t generally go to the most popular tourist attractions (because we’ve never liked crowds and now we don’t like covid either). I know many RVers love covering as many miles as possible as quickly as possible, but we’re realizing we aren’t like that. This is what traveling with disability and chronic illness looks like for us.

And, really, we can’t get enough of these redwoods.

The faces of two light skinned people in glasses look down into the camera with several large redwood trees towering over them in the background.
On my birthday, we found a wheelchair accessible trail (Simpson-Reed Grove) to hang out with the redwoods.

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