Work Campers Available for Hire!

A little about us…

Hello! We are David Nanney and Jennifer Faer, and we’ve been having great adventures since our first date on a cold January day in 2006, when we went to a show together in Detroit and missed the whole thing because we were having such a great conversation… outside in freezing rain!

In 2008, we were married in Las Vegas on the bridge of the USS Enterprise by the King himself, Elvis Presley. To our knowledge, we are the only couple to have been married by Elvis on the Enterprise in all of Star Trek history. Since then, we have set out to have amazing adventures together, and that’s how we became full-time RVers in 2018.

After we bought our 2019 Keystone Laredo travel trailer (model 355MK), we spent 3 months customizing it before moving in, but we continue to make modifications and upgrades just because we love to do it. You can read all about our projects on our blog! Because of Jen’s food allergies, we love to cook delicious gluten-free vegan food at home in our little kitchen, and post some of our favorite recipes on the blog, too.

Leaving Arizona in July 2019, we landed in Palmetto, Florida in September, where David attended the Recreational Vehicle Service Academy and completed his RV technician certification in November 2019. In preparation for the upcoming tax season, when Jen is unavailable and stationary between January and April, we found a great spot outside Austin, Texas, where we are right now. Since we’ve never been to Austin, this is another new adventure. We get to spend our days off exploring the area, while we work our respective jobs.

Once tax season is over on April 15, we’ll be off on our next adventure! We’re looking for a work camping position where we can commit to working from May 2020 to October 2020. Here’s more about what we’re looking for in a work camping position:

David and Jennifer’s work camping goals

  • David wants to to complete repairs and preventative maintenance to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your guests.
  • David loves working outside, while Jen prefers an office setting.
  • Jen wants to assist future guests with reservations and answering questions about your awesome resort.
  • Jen wants to assist current guests with check-in, check-out, questions, and concerns.
  • Jen would love to update or upgrade your website, if you’re looking for that.
  • Our biggest goal is to ensure your guests have such a wonderful experience that they can’t wait to come back again!
  • We’re flexible! Let us help you with those tedious tasks or special projects you haven’t had time to finish.

More about David…

  • Certified RV technician.
  • 20 years of manufacturing operations and maintenance management experience.
  • Experienced residential electrician, and a whiz with troubleshooting and repair.
  • Woodworker and craftsman.
  • Cat furniture builder: see The Whisker Shop for some of his adorable creations.
  • See David’s LinkedIn for more about his professional background.

More about Jennifer…

  • Currently, she works remotely as a tax preparer with TaxSense. In addition to learning to do taxes, she has become a recruiter, trainer, and the company’s go-to expert for Microsoft Office. This is a part-time position, but she works full-time hours during tax season and is unable to commit to any work camping positions between February and April of any year.
  • Computer whiz: she’s the person everyone calls when their computers don’t work.
  • Web design: Creator of this site, her own portfolio, and many more.
  • Customer-oriented, and loves to make guests happy.
  • Cat behaviorist: some might call her the Cat Whisperer.
  • See Jennifer’s LinkedIn for more about her professional background.

David and Jennifer’s joint endeavors…

  • Jennifer is David’s web developer and marketing manager for his RV repair business, David’s Mobile RV Service.
  • We co-founded Faer Forensic Investigations, a private investigations firm which was licensed and practiced in California and Arizona, before catching the full-time RVing bug.

More about our family…

We have four of the cutest cats around:

  • Miss Kitty is an elderly lady who likes to watch people, dogs, and the world go by from the comfort of her window seat.
  • Lillian is also an elderly lady, rescued from the streets of Berkeley, and she embraces her California roots by watching the birds and basking in a sunny window.
  • Kepler is an enormous short-haired 6-year-old gray and white mustachioed cat who enjoys anything that doesn’t involve driving in the truck.
  • Tycho is the much, much fluffier black and white version of his brother Kepler. Tycho was rescued when he fell out of a tree in our backyard in Modesto, California, showing off to littermate Kepler as a 5-week-old ball of fluff. Tycho is still the troublemaker, and loves to explore his new backyards from the safety of his harness and leash.

Contact Us

You can email Jen directly or use our contact form. Let’s set up a time to speak by phone!